Are you protected?

Safe-guard your digital life

Archive Manager is a full-featured data management software tool allowing you to backup, archive, and recover your entire digital life.


What can Archive Manager do for you?

Archive, backup, and file versioning

Secure and encrypted

Archives are protected with 256-bit AES encryption and your personal encryption key for maximum security

Portable archive sets

Raw file copy available for cross-system compatibility and exchange for easy setup of a new PC

Robust device support

Supports all type of hard drives: local usb, firewire, scsi, eide drives

Robust scheduler

Five levels of scheduling (hour, day, week, month, custom day) to ensure your data gets protected when you need it to be protected

Archive busy and locked files

Archive Manager utilizes the Microsoft VSS service to ensure all files are protected during each archive operation. Even busy and locked files

Always on

Archive Manager is always running as a background service. Archive and restore operations can be run, or scheduled at any time

Event viewer

Easy access to view the current state of all archive, restore, and purge operations via a built-in event viewer

Full-featured 60 day free trial

Evaluate Archive Manager for 60 days to ensure it meets your needs

Configurable system resource usage

Configure how much CPU Archive Manger will utilize during archive operations. You can continue to work on other tasks while archive manager processes operations

Free software updates

Easy access, directly in the Archive Manager software, to locate new features and product updates

Pause/resume scheduled events

Easily pause and resume background operations with a click of a buton to ensure you get the most performance from your PC

Verify-after archive

Verify archive operations by enabling the Verify-after feature. When enabled, each archived file will be compared to the original file before the archive process is complete to ensure the highest level of data integrity

Custom reporting

Three levels of process logging (errors only, standard, full) to ensure your auditing requirements are met

Unattended clean-up

Automatically purge old redundant archives. Ensure your storage device never fills-up by letting Archive Manager automatically monitor and optimize storage conditions

Full and incremental archives

Select a full or incremental archive at any time to archive all files or archive new/changed files

Windows Event logging

Archive Manager will automatically log its events to the Windows Event log for easy integration into your existing monitoring plan

Delete-after archive

After selected files are archived, Archive Manager can automatically delete the original files to easily make more space on your hard drive while ensuring you still have access to the old files if needed

Easy include/exclude files

Easily select files to archive based on various options: containing folder, file attributes, file types, files size, and modification date

Real time file monitor

Create archive jobs to automatically begin an archive operation when a select number of files have been changed or when a select number of bytes have been altered

Restore your files easily and quickly

Restore any version of an archived file at any time. Choose individual files and folders you want to get back


Windows Client

Archive Manager supports a stand-alone client for all versions of Windows from Windows XP through Windows 10; Server 2003 through Server 2012

Windows Server

The Windows Server edition of Archive Manager has a user interface integrated directly into the WSSX server dashboard for Home and Business Server editions

Personal storage host

If you are looking to host your own personal and private online backup service then check-out POSH. A Windows storage server host combined with Archive Manager