Are you protected?

Safe-guard your digital life to your own private secure storage server

POSH is a software solution giving you the power to host your own private cloud storage.


What can Personal Online Storage Server do for you?

Archive, backup, and file synchronization to your private cloud storage

Server Dashboard support

A special version of POSH supports WSSX integration so you can access all functionality directly from the servers dashboard on Server 2012 Essentials, Windows Home Server 2011, SBS 2011 Essentials, and Storage Server 2008 R2

Supports Windows client

Run as a stand-alone application on any 64-bit version of Windows client OS: Windows 7 though Windows 10

Supports Windows Server

Run as a stand-alone application on any 64-bit version of Windows Server OS: Windows Server 2008 through Windows Server 2012

Progress monitor

Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor progress and user access to your server

Supports Archive Manager access

Create archive users to allow file backup and archiving via the Archive Manager client from anywhere on the internet

Supports File Sync access

Create file sync users to allow file sync between multiple devices via the File Sync client from anywhere on the internet

Secure IP access

IP address limiter to secure access to your server via a white-list of IP addresses that you specify

Full-featured free version

Evaluate POSH for as long as you like. You are limited to three file sync and archive users

Configurable system resource usage

Configure how much CPU POSH will utilize during archive operations. You can continue to work on other tasks while POSH processes operations

Free software updates

Easy access, directly in the POSH software, to locate new features and product updates

Secure AES-256 encrypted payloads

Secure internet transmission using AES 256-bit encryption for all payloads transferred across the internet to keep your data private and secure

Real-time storage monitor

Heads-up display to easily view real-time storage usage on your server

Built-in event notification

Event notification to monitor user login and access to your server

Easy one-click setup

Simple one-click automated web service setup. Don't worry about setting up and configuring the web and storage service on your server. The POSH wizard will handle everything for you from activating the web api's to configuring storage.

Limit user access

Configurable maximum storage limits per user

Pause and resume

Pause/resume web service at any time to limit external access to your server


Windows Client

The POSH software supports all 64-bit versions Microsoft Windows server as well as client operating systems from Windows 7 through Windows Server 2012

Windows Server

The Windows Server edition of POSH has a user interface integrated directly into the WSSX server dashboard for Home and Business Server editions

Free backup and file-sync clients

The Archive Manager software and File Sync software clients support Windows XP through Windows 10. Both clients must connect to a POSH service to function.