ISO Mounter

ISO Mounter

mount iso images on your server

What is ISO Mounter?


ISO Mounter is a software add-in for Microsoft Home and Business server which allows you to mount ISO files (DVD and CD images) stored on your server so they can be viewed directly through your servers folder share on all of your PC's and laptops.


How can ISO Mounter work for you?


Follow the simple installation process and select the iso images you wish to expose on your server.  Mount the iso image at any time to expose its contents allowing you to view media, run installation programs, or view data stored on the iso.


What platforms does ISO Mounter support?


The ISO Mounter software supports all versions of Microsoft Windows Server and Windows Client.


Where can I find more details about the ISO Mounter software?


Continue reading below to review product features and view screen-shots of the software. You can browse our support blog for details on installing, using, and maintaing the software.  Finally, you can purchase or download a trial of the software.


  • ISO Mounter features

    • Supports Windows Small Business 2012 Essentials
    • Supports Windows Home Server 2011
    • Supports Windows Home Server (V1)
    • Supports Windows desktop: Vista, 7, 8
    • Supports Windows Server: 2012, 2008, Storage Server 2008 R2 Standard
    • Stream DVD and Blu-ray movies to approved DLNA devices
    • Creates bootable USB disks. Burn ISO images directly to removable USB devices
    • Integrates directly into the Server Console/Dashboard for simple administration
    • File system browser allows for searching and manually selecting of any ISO file
    • Mounted ISO files persist across server reboots
    • Configurable "Auto-mount" folders allow automatic mounting of new ISO files
    • Mounted ISO files will appear in the Server folders as a browsable read-only folder
    • "Relocation folder" to view all mounted ISO files in a single folder (except WHS V1)
    • Simple, easy-to-view heads-up status display to monitor status
    • Quick-launch feature allows viewing contents of ISO files directly from the Dashboard
    • 15 day free trial available
  • Standard

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  • Highlights:

    Simple and "always on"

    Once installed and configured, the ISO Mounter service integrates directly with your server file system to expose your iso image as raw files just as if you mounted the actual CD or DVD. You can simultaneously mount as many ISO images as you wish

    Easy to Use

    After a simple installation, you have easy access to all product features directly in your server Dashboard. Mount and dis-mount iso files at any time


    quotation mark

    We keep a lot of ISO files containing various installers on our business server now with this installed. They are automatically mounted. Now all anyone ever needs to do is open the mounted ISO and run the installer. Great for when we need to setup a new PC.



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    A great add-in! Works great. Everything I expected from the add-in. Saves me from passing discs around the office.




    Steve M.